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I've always loved vibrant colors in rabbits and when a friend showed me the reds Jody Rosnik of
Alpine's Rabbtiry in Colorado was working on, I had to have some. Jody Rosnik has put a lot of
work into her reds and you can really tell! The rufus color is just amazing on them! I plan to
continue to breed my show quality stock but I plan to dedicate some time on red Mini Lops as well.

Alpine's Bee Balm
Broken Red Sr. Doe


Wide band animals show the same basic coloration over the body, head, ears, tail and feet. They may show a lighter coloration on eye circles, inside of ears, underside of tail, jowls and belly areas.

RED -- Color is to be a bright reddish sorrel but not so dark as to reach a mahogany red. Color shall carry as deep down the hair shaft as possible. The belly color may be somewhat lighter in shade, approaching a deep creamy cast. White on the underside of the tail is permitted. Eyes are to be brown.

Faults -- Light or dark ticking, when sufficient to produce a frosty or smudgy effect. A white belly, white eye circles or stray white hairs.

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