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Bred April 13, 2015:
PB's Blazing Sun to PB's Sasha | 6 born 5/14/15 - Click to View
PB's Stargazer to PB's Leela | 4 born 5/15/15 - Click to View

Bred April 14, 2015:
PB's Stargazer to PB's Juniper | 7 born 5/15/15 - Click to View

Bred May 12, 2015:
Desurra's Calsun to PB's Koko

Bred May 15, 2015:
Desurra's Calsun to Milkhouse's Molly
PB's Tonka to Smokey's TOTGA

If you would like to be added on our waiting list please send us an email. While we cannot guarantee gender/color we can guarante great quality, wonderfully temperamented Mini Lops! They will not last long so plese email soon. :) I can answer any questions you may have while you wait for the kits to be ready to go.