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"English Shepherds are intelligent, alert, responsive working dogs. They are exceptionally devoted, and have a strong desire to work in partnership with their owner, whatever the task." English Shepherd Club

We purchased our first English Shepherd, Finn, in the year of 2014. We have a small flock of sheep (With plans to grow) and wanted to be able to herd them with the assistance of a dog companion. We had considered Border Collies and Australian Shepherds but what was appealing about English Shepherds are their ability to do multiple tasks on the farm while having an off switch. This breed thrives in multiple scenarios which makes it a very versatile and intelligent dog that allows for growth and new experiences. This breed is primarily raised on farms and has proved over the generations to be a productive and valuable asset on the farm and within the family.

Green Mountain's October Magic

Color: Black and White

DOB: October 25, 2013

Sire: Bett's Wilson's Moon Pie, Black and White

Dam: Wilson's Green Mountain Joy, Tri Color

Penn Hipp: .24/.34 *Excellent*


At 53 pounds, 22" tall, He is a very loving and kind soul. He shows natural instinct for herding and makes a wonderful guardian. He's very alertive and has a loud, masculine bark. Medium level of energy, very biddable and versitale.